2007, Lapua, Finland.

Founded on the smoking ruins of a punk band The Warblinkers, Revengine saw the light of day. Since then this AIC/Therapy?-influenced heavy-grunge trio has received abundant praise with their releases. What is special about Revengine is that with the multi-sounds of the band (guitarist/vocalist Antti Jokiranta / bassist Juha Järvelä / drummer Jouni Yli-Rantala), they can reach hard-rockers and metal fans alike.

After releasing a few EP´s Revengine put out their debut album “Why Follow Road So Narrow” on 2014 in collaboration with a man behind the mixing console Ari Laurila (known from Apulanta / Klamydia / SubUrbanTribe). From that album, a psychologically multilayered music video “EOL” was soon released and it was very well received. On early 2018 the fresh and heavy pounding single “Lust” is released from their upcoming album. Today, an extensive touring history of over hundred gigs has refined the band’s character even further.

Revengine is a band that are at their best when seen live and the feeling of their music can be experienced. From their music´s most beatiful emotion to their roughest, Revengine can scratch your guts out.

Our debut album "Why Follow Road So Narrow" is out now!
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