There’s no way out of here
All this time will break my mind
With you I’m rotting here
In a twisted way we need this place

Don’t look away you’re part of it now
Push me away your only friend is down
Don’t be afraid your only way now
Follow my lead

There comes a time when no one’s there
Face the truth a few can bear
It gets under your skin
Freezes everything within
Cut you away before you know it
Too good to be real

I changed my name into Judas
Already there
Cleansed my skin free from sin
Already dead
Call me
Hold me
Hold me high with all the shit we’ve done
From all the shit we’ve run

Comes the final war
Diminish from your core

No time for endless war
Diminish from your core
Now you beg for more
Diminish from your


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